We provide unrivaled value propositions and services to our clients by best utilizing our unique business model, a combination of a bank-affiliated Japanese securities firm and a foreign-capitalized investment bank.

Retail Client Businesses

Since 2011, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (MUMSS) has been selling “uridashi” bonds issued by Morgan Stanley through its retail network.

MUMSS has also been providing its retail clients with Morgan Stanley’s research reports and in 2014, started offering webinar contents featuring analysts of Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities (MSMS) as well as Morgan Stanley in its Internet seminars designed exclusively for online trading customers.

In the area of investment trust products, MUMSS collaborated with Morgan Stanley Investment Management on the development of such products as “Morgan Stanley Global Premium Stock Open” and “USD-denominated Morgan Stanley Global Premium Equity Open,” and has been selling them through its retail network.

In wealth management, MUMSS has been offering products and advisory services tailored to each client’s specific needs by leveraging MUFG’s broad array of retail financial services and Morgan Stanley’s global know-how.

Investment Banking Businesses

We have engaged in a number of industry-defining transactions by effectively and swiftly catering to client needs, leveraging the benefits of our collaboration with MUFG Bank, which utilizes MUFG’s strong capital and client base, and by providing high-quality strategic advice and highly creative solutions backed by Morgan Stanley’s global network and track record.

In equity underwriting, our joint venture continues contributing to the development of Japan’s equity capital market, being involved in a series of large Japanese initial public offerings and follow-on offerings. In fiscal 2022, we acted as joint global coordinator and/or bookrunner on significant transactions such as:

  • Japan Post Bank’s global follow-on offering (March 2023 / JPY1.2 trillion)

  • Anycolor’s secondary ABO (January 2023 / JPY18.4 billion)

  • Skymark Airline’s global IPO (December 2022 / JPY37.4 billion)

  • Nippon Prologis REIT’s global offering (December 2022 / JPY25.6 billion)

In prior years, our joint venture acted as joint bookrunner on both the domestic and international tranches of large Japanese equity offerings such as:

  • Renesas Electronics’ global follow-on offering (June 2021 / JPY434.6 billion)

  • Kyushu Railway’s global IPO (listed October 2016 / JPY416 billion), the fourth Japan Railways company to go public

  • LINE’s dual listing in New York and Tokyo in its global IPO (listed July 2016 / JPY132.8 billion)

  • Japan Post Holdings, Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance’s global IPOs (listed November 2015 / approximately JPY1.4 trillion), an unprecedented concurrent tri-IPO of group companies

  • Suntory Beverage & Food’s global IPO (listed July 2013 / JPY388.1 billion)

  • Japan Airlines’ global IPO (listed September 2012 / JPY663.2 billion)

In debt underwriting, we continued contributing to the expansion and activation of Japan’s corporate bond market in fiscal 2022 by acting as joint bookrunner in transactions such as:

  • Rakuten Group’s USD-denominated high-yield bonds (November 2022 and January 2023 / Total USD950 million)

  • Komatsu’s USD-denominated sustainability-linked bonds (September 2022 / USD600 million)

  • East Japan Railway’s EUR-denominated bonds (April 2022 / EUR650 million, September 2022 / EUR1.2 billion)

  • NTT Finance’s USD-denominated green bonds (July 2022 / USD1.5 billion)

  • ENEOS Holdings’ transition-linked bonds (June 2022 / JPY100 billion)

  • Other ESG bonds and hybrid bonds issued by Japanese issuers

In M&A advisory, MUMSS continues to serve as a trusted financial advisor in numerous large transactions involving Japanese corporates, fully utilizing Morgan Stanley’s global and sophisticated information-gathering capability, industry know-how and proven track record. In fiscal 2022, MUMSS acted as financial advisor in key transactions such as:

  • JERA’s acquisition of Parkwind, a Belgian offshore wind power company (announced in March 2023 / EUR1.55 billion)

  • Nikon’s acquisition of Germany-based SLM Solutions Group (announced in September 2022 / approximately JPY84 billion)

  • Bain Capital’s acquisition of Evident (former Olympus Scientific Solutions Division) (announced in September 2022 / approximately JPY430 billion)

  • PowerX’s Series A Financing (announced in August 2022 / JPY51 billion)

  • NTT Data’s integration of NTT Group’s overseas business (announced in May 2022 / approximately JPY350 billion)

  • Hitachi’s sale of its stake in Hitachi Transport System to KKR (announced in April 2022 / approximately JPY990 billion)

In prior years, we acted as financial advisor in key transactions including:

  • MUFG’s sale of MUFG Union Bank (announced in September 2021 / approximately USD17.6 billion)

  • Bain Capital-led consortium’s acquisition of Hitachi Metals (announced in April 2021 / approximately JPY912.8 billion)

  • NTT’s full acquisition of NTT DoCoMo through a Tender Offer (announced in September 2020 / approximately JPY4.254 trillion)

  • Merger of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Hitachi Capital (announced in September 2020 / approximately JPY299.6 billion)

  • Sony’s full acquisition of Sony Financial Holdings through a Tender Offer (announced in May 2020 / approximately JPY395.5 billion)

  • Merger between Z Holdings and LINE (announced in December 2019 / approximately JPY1.181 trillion)

  • Hitachi Automotive Systems integration with three Honda-group suppliers (announced in October 2019 / approximately JPY513.4 billion)

  • Takeda Pharmaceutical’s acquisition of Shire (announced in April 2018 / approximately USD77 billion)

  • Chubu Electric Power and TEPCO Fuel & Power’s integration of their thermal power generation businesses into JERA (announced in February 2018 / approximately JPY1.2 trillion)

  • Consortium of Japanese, U.S. and South Korean companies’ acquisition of Toshiba Memory (announced in September 2017 / approximately JPY2 trillion)

  • Suntory Holdings’ acquisition of U.S.-based Beam Inc. (announced in January 2014 / approximately JPY1.6 trillion)

Awards & Recognition

High-quality product development capabilities and financial expertise of Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities and Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities are highly valued by a number of well-known financial business magazines and trade media.